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DIY Bathroom Home Decor Tips for a Weekend Project

Many people consider the prospect of spending time and money to decorate the bathroom as a futile endeavor but making the appearance clean and organized is especially appealing for a modern bathroom. There are many simple ways to spruce up your bathroom. We will look at some DIY bathroom décor tips that you can follow in your own home. There are several key steps to consider before embarking on this project.

First, it is important to consider the shower curtain. This is an easy DIY project that can really make your bathroom come to life. Consider decorating, painting, or buying a printed one with an enticing but original design. Pattern printed show curtains can be purchased that are high quality and will last for years. The material is specific for the demands of the bathroom. It is worth looking at designs and choose something that will give your bathroom a subtle pop. Also consider the bathroom towel hangers that can be easily upgraded to give a rustic or modern sleek look. Hang your towels and clothes by carefully located the towel racks near the shower area. Keep it a safe distance so that it is not splashed with water from the wet areas.

Second, some more low hanging fruit is to look at hanging a painting or photograph on the wall to bring up the ambiance and add some personal touch. Even if you are not a photographer, everyone has some artistic cell phone photos that can be printed and framed. Hang the framed photo or painting skillfully and make your bathroom a knockout.

Decorate your Bathroom Wall DIY

Pump up the décor in your bathroom by adding a trendy, modern aesthetic in the form of wall paper. Ideal for areas away from the wet areas, wall paper can be subtle but blend nicely with the overall style of the bathroom. This is a great DIY project because bathrooms are typically small and the wall surface area will be minimal. You can experiment and make a much needed change from boring and plain paint. Particularly white painted walls as most bathrooms are.

A substitute to the extra work of wallpaper is simple sticker or vinyl decorations. These can adhere to the wall and be prepared to withstand the rigors of the bathroom environment. Humidity and temperature are usually factors to consider when buying decals to spice up your bathroom. Shop for vinyl or special material that is designed for these conditions. Consider adding hints of color or subtle graphics that tie in an overall style such as beachy, or marine lift. Anything to look at will make the bathroom a more interesting place to pass time.

Painting the Bathroom is the perfect Weekend DIY Project

Experiment with changing the color of your bathroom by painting the walls. Personalize with your own style and jazz up what is normally an otherwise bland room. Look for pastel colors that are specially designed for bathrooms. Experiment where you would be afraid in a big living space. The bathroom is small and discreet. Mistakes can be easily covered up or at worst completely re-done with minimal effort. Painting is an easily learned skill and anyone can make a do it yourself project out of it. Selecting the colors and working the paint into the wall is all part of the fun and will make the space yours.

Bathroom Decor Apartment DIY

Another simple way to make some changes to your bathroom with little effort is buying some small decorative trinkets to change the ambience and feel of the bathroom. Consider adding candles and other accessories to make the bathroom slightly busier and less boring. Choose a theme and go shopping at your favorite antique store to find some interesting additions. Fill a basket with some exotic soaps, add a candle with a tropical aromatic vibe, or make a seashell exhibit that will remind you of the beach. There are unlimited options so let your creativity flow.

The DIY bathroom weekend project is a classic beginner level room upgrade. It can be done with minimal cost and minimal effort. Creativity is the only ingredient that must be added to give your bathroom a much needed makeover.