Aroma Professional 16-in-1 Nutri-Water Kettle Pink


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Brand: Aroma Professional

Color: Pink


  • 16 dynamic functions – the AWK-701 features 16 smart programs for making a variety of different tea, fruit teas, traditional Asian recipes, and more. In addition to these, the controls are multi-functional, allowing for you to make a variety of unlisted items in this revolutionary water kettle.
  • Precision control – each of the 16 functions are supported by an optimized control panel allowing for precise and perfect time and temperature controls to not only bring out the best in each brew, but to make your drinks the way they are meant to be enjoyed without the hassle.Voltage:120 V
  • Delay timer & keep Warm – unlike many competitors, This digital kettle has a delay timer of up to 9 hours meaning you can preset it to have a warm cup of tea for you when you wake up in the morning or to be ready A few hours after dinner Without having to go through the hassle of leaving your guests to prep the tea. The inclusion of an automatic keep Warm function means never having to worry about cold tea. The AWK-701 will keep your food and drinks heated evenly to match your selected temperature.
  • Parts & accessories – The AWK-701 includes a tea infuser, stew pot, and kettle lid. In addition to this, the kettle itself touts a cordless body and a heat resistant handle. Best of all, the kettle sits on a 360 Degree swiveling base meaning you don’t have to be concerned with locking it into place to get it to heat.


The Aroma Professional AWK-701 16-in-1 Nutri-Water, Green, Fruit, Flower Tea, Coffee, Multi-Use Kettle in Pink is a versatile and convenient addition to your kitchen. With 16 smart programs, this kettle allows you to make a variety of tea, fruit teas, traditional Asian recipes, and more. The precision control panel ensures precise time and temperature settings for the perfect brew every time. The delay timer feature allows you to preset the kettle to have a warm cup of tea waiting for you in the morning or after dinner. The automatic keep warm function ensures your drinks stay heated to your selected temperature. The AWK-701 comes with a tea infuser, stew pot, and kettle lid, along with a cordless body and heat resistant handle for easy use. The 360-degree swiveling base adds to its convenience. Upgrade your tea-making experience with the Aroma Professional AWK-701 Multi-Use Kettle.

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