Chantal Vincent Temperature Control Electric Water Kettle 1.75 quarts Brushed Stainless Steel


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Brand: Chantal

Color: Brushed Stainless Steel


  • INTUITIVE DIGITAL VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROLS are built right into the stay-cool handle for ease of access and use. The Vincent temperature-control electric Kettle with stainless steel interior is safe, fast and easy to use. The BPA-free window allows you to see how much water is left in the kettle, without having to look inside, and designates max and min water levels. Powerful 1500 Watts.
  • THE SIMPLE CONTROL PAD allows you to SELECT THE TEMPERATURE YOU WANT to reach (with a default of boiling) by adjusting with 5 degree increments. If you’re a tea aficionado you may only want to bring your water to 175 degrees for your favorite green tea, or 195 degrees for Oolong. Our kettle lets you know when it has reached your selected temperature with 2 beeps.
  • KEEP WARM FEATURE allows you to keep water at your desired temperature for up to an hour before the kettle automatically shuts off (Keep Warm range is 100-195 degrees). Automatic Shut-off and Boil-Dry protection. Limited One Year warranty.
  • CORDLESS KETTLE: Remove the kettle from the detachable base and carry anywhere free from a cord. Easily return to the corded base at any angle.
  • FROM CHANTAL: 50 years ago, Chantal was the first to bring dramatic color, tempered glass lids, stay-cool handles and teakettles with a harmonica whistle to the kitchenware marketplace and continues to dedicate itself to the creation of innovative products that bring elegance to the home. Performs. Beautifully.
  • CAPACITY: 1.75 quarts (7 cups or 56 oz)


The Chantal Vincent Temperature Control Electric Water Kettle is a sleek and efficient addition to any kitchen. With its intuitive digital variable temperature controls, you can easily select the precise temperature you desire, whether it’s boiling water for tea or heating it to a specific degree for your favorite beverage. The BPA-free window lets you see the water level without opening the kettle, while the keep warm feature allows you to maintain your desired temperature for up to an hour. This cordless kettle is easy to use and comes with a detachable base for convenient mobility. With Chantal’s 50 years of expertise in kitchenware, this kettle combines functionality and elegance seamlessly.

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