Fire Pit Art BL Bella Luna Fire Pit NG Metal


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Brand: Fire Pit Art

Color: Metal


  • 1/4 ” thick mild carbon Steel
  • Wood burning
  • Iron oxide


Enhance your outdoor space with the Fire Pit Art BL Bella Luna Fire Pit NG. Crafted from 1/4″ thick mild carbon steel, this wood-burning fire pit not only provides warmth and ambiance but also serves as a stunning focal point. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while the iron oxide finish adds a touch of rustic charm. With its sleek metal color, this Fire Pit Art creation effortlessly complements any outdoor decor. Gather around the Bella Luna Fire Pit and enjoy unforgettable moments under the starlit sky.

UPC: 604310978594

Additional information

Weight 205.0 kg
Dimensions 48.0 × 48.0 × 24.0 cm


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