Generic Angaro Design A16 Fire Pit Smoke Free for Charcoal Use Black


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Brand: Generic

Color: Black


  • Argentine manufacturing. The best Argentine materials are selected for the making of Angaro fire pits. Any way you want it!
  • Exterior Use. The ANGARO A16 happens to be an attractive, sophisticated, but above all, safe fire pit, which has been specially designed for outdoor enjoyment with family and friends.
  • Durable materials. Made to the highest standards, the Angaro A16 has an iron structure with a doble wall design, which guarantees its long lifespan. The materials used for the making of this Angaro product are of the highest Argentine quality.
  • Design. The combination of modern design and the innovative technology on its development provides this fire pit with a robust but very elegant design which, coupled with its very delicate coating, makes it an excellent piece of design and utility.
  • Versatility. Angaro’s products are not only useful but also wonderfully decorative and versatile. With the Angaro A16 you can heat open spaces and then, if you purchase the accompanying accessories, turn it into a grill, enabling your ANGARO to cook outdoors wherever you want.


The Angaro Design A16 Fire Pit is a versatile and stylish addition to any outdoor space. Designed and manufactured in Argentina using the highest quality materials, this fire pit is not only durable but also incredibly elegant. Its iron structure with a double wall design ensures a long lifespan, while the delicate coating adds a touch of sophistication. Perfect for heating open spaces, the Angaro A16 can also be transformed into a grill with the purchase of accompanying accessories. Plus, it comes with a waterproof cover for added protection. Enjoy safe and enjoyable outdoor gatherings with family and friends with this smoke-free fire pit.

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