LITIFO Iced Tea & Coffee Maker Brewing System 2-Quart Pitcher Stainless Steel Black

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  • 【2-Quart Capacity Pitcher】 2-quart plastic pitcher (heat-resistant and FDA compliant) holds up to 12 cups and has a large handle for easy lifting and pouring. Large enough to serve your family for a daily drink or entertain guests at the party. Fits well in most fridges. Perfect to prepare and serve cold or hot beverages, water, wine, coffee, iced tea, fruit infused juices.
  • 【Adjustable Brew Strength Selector】Custom-brew iced tea or iced coffee the way you like it by sliding the brew strength selector.- ranging from weak (left) to strong (right).
  • 【Filter Basket & Shower Head】The removable filter basket works with fresh ground coffee, tea bags and loose leaf teas, while the shower head is designed for complete saturation and optimal flavor extraction.
  • 【One-button Control & Auto Shut-off Function】LITIFO cold brew iced coffee machine is easy to operate. Brew ground coffee, tea bags or loose tea , press the button, then auto shut-off after brewing, which ensures safety,add your favorite sweetener, fresh or frozen fruit for endless delicious recipes , refreshing iced tea in minutes.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】 A removable brew filter and flavor extraction chamber are easily to clean out used grounds, and the pitcher’s wide mouth also makes it easier to clean up.


The LITIFO Iced Tea Maker and Iced Coffee Maker Brewing System is the perfect addition to your kitchen. With its 2-quart capacity pitcher, you can easily serve your family or entertain guests at parties. The adjustable brew strength selector allows you to customize your iced tea or coffee to your liking, from weak to strong. The removable filter basket and shower head ensure optimal flavor extraction, whether you’re using fresh ground coffee, tea bags, or loose leaf teas. The one-button control and auto shut-off function make it easy to operate and ensure safety. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable brew filter and wide-mouth pitcher. Upgrade your beverage game with the LITIFO Iced Tea Maker and Iced Coffee Maker Brewing System.

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